2 OSCE Vacancies in Police Training and Security

Police Training Adviser

A Police Training Adviser with OSCE helps give recommendations to the leaders of certain departments and their partners regarding development, analysis, evaluation and implementation of different programs for police training. This position also includes helping to implement training initiatives that will respond to the needs of the OSCE.

You will be responsible for training, mentoring and coaching national police trainers while organizing and participating in a number of working groups and meetings both on the international and national levels. Ensuring that human rights standards, gender equality and police ethics principles are a main part of the police training.

To work this job, you must be in possession of a valid driver’s license and be in excellent physical health. You must also have graduated from a recognized police school and demonstrate the ability to negotiate, read and use maps and perform first aid. Regular, active police work experience is a must, and knowledge of international human rights and police standards is a must among other requirements.

Security Officer

Working as a Security Officer for OSCE, the safety, security and well-being of the staff is your number one priority. You will work as the main technical support staff for the Secretariat regarding security issues while traveling to the SMM, or Secretariat Security Management Committee, to give operational and technical support as needed.

You will also be providing feedback on security risks and supporting the SMM to meet their responsibilities for security. You will assess security needs and see to them as required as well as submitting reports on the information that you have deduced. Reviewing the security protocols and providing feedback on them is necessary, and protecting the OSCE Situation Room, especially during crisis, is imperative to the position.

In order to work as a Security Officer, you must hold a degree in security management, international relations or another subject related to the field. You must also have a minimum of four years of international or national police, military or security work.

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