3 Top UN Internships open for application now

Peace Operations Support Internship

The Peace Operations Support internship with the United Nations is a program that occurs from either September to December, January to April or May to August, depending on your availability. This unpaid internship focuses its interests on three main branches of work: executive and management support skills, providing business and analytics intelligence work and assisting with the communication and design aspects of the industry of peace work itself.

The goal of this internship is to assist peace operations in their success with support solutions that can be described as efficient, effective, rapid and responsible. This internship works with both non-UN and UN partners to design, plan, mobilize and sustain a number of different missions in some of the world’s most trying environments, offering services like personnel, technology, budget and logistics support along with supplying facility and asset management.

Interns will work as total members of a team to work on projects to make permanent differences in the places that need it the most.

Human Rights Internship

The Human Rights Internship offered by the United Nations lasts for two to six months depending on the needs of the organization. Interns work five days a week for 35 hours total and assist in tasks such as monitoring human rights, socio-economic, political and conflict developments in Colombia; show up at and summarize meetings and workshops; organize and manage trainings, conferences and other events; review, distribute and prepare notes and news on human rights topics; draft, prepare and review public information material, help in implementing the Colombia Office’s media and public information activities; translate documents; help with report drafting, taking notes, and other documentation for the Colombia Office and OHCHR headquarters; and prepare presentations and carrying out research among other tasks.

Potential interns must be computer literate, speak both Spanish and English fluently in written and oral applications, demonstrate an acute interest in the United Nations and have demonstrated an ability to work and interact with people of different cultural backgrounds and opinions.

Human Rights Internship

The Human Rights Internship is offered by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and runs from anywhere between two to six months depending on the needs of the organization. Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, this internship is full time, 35 hours a week, five days a week and is unpaid.

The work conducted as a Human Rights Intern will be under the supervision of the unit’s head and will include media analysis, speech writing, assistance with workshops and conferences, helping with preparation and drafting of official documents, summarizing your experience when attending meetings and conferences, research of documents, thematics, legal information and the internet; working on presentations; evaluating projects, drafting and preparing official documents, generating and gathering data and statistics and more.

To apply, you must meet several education requirements along with being computer literate, being fluent in both written and oral English and desirably the French language, having a demonstrated interest in the United Nations and the work that they do, and having had demonstrated the ability to interact and attempt to understand people from different cultural backgrounds who might not share your views and opinions.

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