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4 Top Level Jobs with UNICEF

Chief, Child Protection, P-5

The Office of Research-Innocenti (OoR) is UNICEF’s dedicated research office. This office performs and commissions research surrounding current or emerging issues for children. This research helps to make strategic decisions regarding programs and policies for the partners of UNICEF. Along with exploring the current and emerging issues of the times, this office helps to find gaps in research and assemble teams of existing researchers to support new research, analysis and data collection that will help address crucial questions.

In order to become employed in this office, you must have a Master’s degree or higher in political or social sciences, development studies in law or a related field with focus on human rights, international affairs, social policy or child development. Candidates must have no less than 10 years of practical and professional experience at both an international and national level with a focus on child development, child rights or human rights.

Consultancy for Evaluability Assessment of Social Protection in the CEE/CIS Region

For those with a commitment to bettering the lives of children for the long term, the UNICEF Social Protection Strategic Framework is a job for you! With your creative yet professional nature, you could work for the world’s top children’s rights organizations.

This program believes that social protection is the whole of private and public policies that have the purpose of reducing, preventing and eliminating social and economic issues surrounding children of the world. The goal of this program is to strengthen the social protection systems to make sure that these systems are built with children in mind. This includes helping with cash benefits and social assistance such as insurance. It also includes those programs that help families and children of all ages to gain access to education, health care and similar services.

Communication Specialist, P-4, Maputo

UNICEF works with the Government of Mozambique and commits to examining key human rights issues that are dealt with by women and children to help them gain their full human rights. Challenges that are addressed include those who are impoverished, those with malnutrition, those who are forced into child marriages and those without access to social services. The program is geared toward the protection, development and survival of the children in Mozambique.

At this job, you will work with the Section Head to engage in strategic development, monitoring and evaluation of child rights awareness. You will help promote many different approaches like strategic communication to make the public more aware of these issues, including getting the attention of celebrities, mass media and working with senior media editors.

Communication Specialist, P-4, Dubai

The main mission that UNICEF undertakes is that which promotes children’s rights everywhere through advocacy, programs and other operations. By putting the focus on disadvantaged children and families, human rights of the vulnerable can be actualized. When you work for UNICEF as a Communications Specialist, you will undertake the planning, evaluation, execution and monitoring of communications strategies that help support the private sector of UNICEF’s partnerships and fundraising. These partnerships are found in Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

You will lead communications that help to enhance the visibility of UNICEF through advocacy and partnerships in the Gulf Area. By doing so, you will be assisting in the facilitation of human rights in some of the countries with the highest rates of disadvantaged children.

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