5 Fully Online Conflict Resolution Graduate Programs

MS and PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Nova Southeastern University

This online program comes from a dedicated department of Conflict Resolution Studies that also offers a residential degree program. Students are exposed to a wide array of approaches that assist individuals and communities in reaching non-violent and non-litigious solutions to personal, professional, and social problems. Courses include Mediation, Negotiation, Ethics, and Culture and Conflict. Students also have the option of writing a Master’s Thesis in lieu of two elective classes.

Graduates of the Master’s program can choose to continue to the online PhD program and transfer up to 15 credit hours of course work. The PhD provides further training in interdisciplinary research, theoretical frameworks, historical and cultural critique, and policy and program development. Students can focus their degree in community-based conflict, conflict in organizations, global conflict, and interpersonal conflict. Graduates of the PhD go on to be professors, researchers, consultants, and organizational administrators.

Requirements: The Master’s degree requires 12 courses (36 credit hours) that include theory and practice classes, research design, field practicum, and a program evaluation. Students may enroll full time (six hours per trimester) or part time (nine hours per trimester) with mandatory summer attendance. Full time students will complete the program in 15 months with part time students taking two years.

The online PhD is a 76-credit hour degree program with two Residential Institutes on campus each year. There are nine trimesters of course work followed by qualifying examinations after which students write a dissertation. The timeline to completion is five years (including summers).

MA in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

California University, Dominguez Hills

Students can enroll directly in this online program without needing to complete a formal application. The degree is aimed at beginning and mid-career professionals with experience in government, business, and non-profit organizations. It serves the needs of anyone looking to improve their mediation, negotiation, and conflict management skills as well as individuals looking for a career change. Graduates go on to work in counseling, education, social work, human resources, police work, labor relations, public policy, litigation, and corporate contract and purchasing.

The online classes are asynchronous, meaning students can view lectures and complete assignments on their own schedule. Students also gain access to an online message board that allows them to chat and discuss the course with their professor and fellow students. In addition, all assignments can be submitted electronically. Local students have the option of visiting the Dominguez Hills campus and using the computer lab.

Requirements: 36 credit hours, which can be completed in two years. Students can take up to five years to finish the degree, although they must maintain continuous enrollment.

American University

Masters in International Relations OR Executive Masters in International Service

Concentration in International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

If you’re looking for a program that provides rigorous international studies alongside conflict resolution training, this may be the degree for you. These Master’s programs provide students with the skills necessary to evaluate and mediate conflicts arising from transnational issues and cultural conflicts across the globe. Courses focus on the economic, legal, and political causes of conflict, processes and outcomes of international negotiation, and current trends and challenges in post-conflict transition. Graduates go on to work in both government and non-governmental fields, including international peace building, foreign service, and democracy building.

In addition to the online education through American University, students have the opportunity to take classes from other online programs at top-tier U.S. universities. This allows students to seek out specialized training while retaining the convenience of the online degree. Students also have access to the professional development resources of American’s School of International Service to assist them in finding jobs and preparing for interviews.

Requirements: The Master of Arts in International Relations degree requires 39 total credit hours, including a capstone project. Additionally, students must also demonstrate their proficiency in English and one other language relevant to their research interests. Courses are offered year-round in 15-week terms and the degree can be completed in as few as six terms. The program also features a weekend-long immersion event on the Washington D.C. campus where students participate in academic and professional development activities

The Executive Master of International Service is an accelerated degree for professionals with seven or more years of experience in the field of international development. It requires 30 total credit hours, including a capstone project and a four-day on-campus Executive Leadership Course.

MA in International Psychology, Trauma and Group Conflict Concentration

Chicago School of Professional Psychology

This program focuses on psychological and interpersonal approaches to conflict resolution as it relates to international trauma, social justice, and human rights. Courses explore a wide-range of topics, including immigration, refugee status, acculturation, trauma, crisis identification, and resilience and healing. Graduates of the program are equipped to work in any number of international service organizations, such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, Pan American Health Organization, Red Cross, Peace Corps, and other humanitarian and multinational aid organizations.

While most of this program can be completed on the student’s own schedule there are one- or two-hour sessions each term where students are expected to be online at the same time to engage in live group discussion. Online coursework is managed through the Global Student Dashboard, where all lessons, assignments, and forums can be found. Students also get a personal advisor and access to career support services to help them navigate the program as well as their future goals. As an added bonus, students can explore a sample online class to see if this program meets their learning needs.

Requirements: Two years, full-time. Students must complete a capstone project in collaboration with a local community service agency that engages in social justice and/or human rights-focused direct service on an international or global scale. The project takes place over three quarters and includes one required, minimum nine-day international field experience where the student engages with the on-the-ground direct service of their organization. They then research and write a specific strategy or policy proposal that will benefit the agency’s mission.

MA in Social Science – Conflict Resolution

California University of Pennsylvania

This degree program takes an interdisciplinary approach to conflict resolution and features professors from Sociology, History, Psychology, Law, Political Science, Philosophy, and Communication Studies. The program focuses include alternative dispute resolution (ADR), arbitration, and mediation. These skills can be applied to a number of different fields, including education, human resources, labor relations, law enforcement, counseling, government, law, social work, and the justice system. Selected courses include Nonviolence, Law and Conflict Resolution, Socio-cultural Approaches to Identity Conflicts, Communication and Collaboration, Ethics in Global Perspective, International and Intercultural Conflict Resolution, and Applied Mediation and Negotiation. Students can begin this program at the start of any semester – fall, spring, or summer. The courses are appropriate for working professionals looking to expand their skills, those looking to change careers, or students coming directly from an undergraduate degree. The classes are asynchronous and can be completed on the student’s personal schedule.

Requirements: 30 credit hours, which can be completes in five terms. There is also the option to complete an internship for course credit.

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