5 Human Rights Law Masters Programs With Low Tuition Fees

If you are passionate about advocating for the rights of others, you should consider obtaining a Master of Laws Human Rights degree. This degree is an excellent option for professional attorneys or undergraduate students with law degrees seeking to gain expertise in a specialized field of law. There are multiple universities in the United States and abroad that have developed impressive Human Rights Law Masters programs. Deciding which graduate school to attend for this concentration is an important decision as it depends on how long the program lasts and the cost of tuition.

Students who enroll in Human Rights Law Masters programs should expect to complete no less than 18 credit hours of courses and spend 9 to 12 months completing their programs. Core classes may consist of Introduction to Human Rights, General Social Justice, International Criminal Law, International Children’s Rights, Foreign Policy and Terrorism, Refugees and Asylum, and Women and Gender Rights.

Admission to an LL.M program in Human Rights requires candidates to have obtained a J.D. degree from an ABA approved American law school or have graduated with an LL.B. from an accredited foreign law school. If you have a desire to help people in your local community or abroad achieve the inherent social and legal rights owed to them, here are a few reasonably priced Human Rights Law Masters degree programs from reputable institutions that will effectively train you in human rights laws and their implementation through domestic and international courts.

Regent University: LL.M. in Human Rights

Noted as one of the least expensive LL.M programs in the nation, the Master of Laws in Human Rights concentration from Regent University offers students an exceptional education in the legal origins of domestic and international human rights protection and social justice. Proudly advertising its LL.M curriculum as a Christian centered degree program, Regent University has designed a program that incorporates Christian values with legal and philosophical coursework. This LL.M program is only available on campus. To graduate the program, students must complete 30 credit hours in courses to include International Criminal Law, International Religious Freedom, Child Advocacy Clinic, and Human Rights Research and Writing. Tuition for this LL.M degree is listed $650 per credit hour or $19,500 per year. In addition to general admission prerequisites, interested students must meet one of the following requirements: have earned an ABA J.D. degree or the international equivalent, in the process of completing a J.D. degree from an accredited university, or possess a verifiable foreign law degree.

St. Thomas University: Master of Laws in Intercultural Human Rights

Starting at 1,144 per credit, the St. Thomas University Master of Laws in Intercultural Human Rights is designed to offer students a rigorous study program in the protection of basic human liberties. The classes are led by world-renowned faculty from the United Nations and other prestigious legal and educational institutions. Classes are structured in aggressive one-week sessions and explore theoretical issues and practical applications in
humanitarian law, human rights and terrorism, human rights and the environment, refugees, women and children, religion, and criminal law. Students are required to complete 24 credit hours of classes. Graduates who have worked hard to achieve a level of cum laude status are qualified to submit their applications for admission to the Doctor of Science of Law program in Intercultural Human Rights.

Indiana University: McKinney International Human Rights Law LL.M

Law school graduates or professional attorneys who desire to pursue employment with domestic or international human rights agencies are encouraged to apply for admission to Indiana University’s Human Rights Law LL.M program. This Human Rights Law Masters program has established a comprehensive program of study that focuses on applying human rights research, analysis, and communication in an international legal setting. Along with completing six credit hours of required courses, law students must pass twelve credit hours of international human rights courses and complete an internship with international human rights organizations or social justice non-profit agencies. Tuition fees start at $34,356.

American University: LL.M. in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Ranked as one of the best law schools in the nation, American University’s Washington College of Law offers a hybrid LL.M degree in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. As the only hybrid LL.M human rights program in the nation, this American University’s law school has developed a flexible curriculum that students can complete online or on-campus. Taught in both English and Spanish, this program has incorporated the latest digital technology in its curriculum so that students can interact with each on a global platform. Tuition for full-time students starts at $26,846 or $15,904 for part-time students. Typically, full-time students complete the program in two semesters. Part-time students can expect to complete the program in three semesters.

University of Notre Dame: LL.M in International Human Rights Law

Created and sponsored by The Center for Civil and Human Rights (CCHR), the LL.M in International Human Rights Law degree from the University of Notre Dame is designed for students who want to focus on a curriculum comprised with an interdisciplinary perspective. Lawyers who are admitted to this program are taught by distinguished faculty and advised by dedicated counselors who embrace Notre Dame’s commitment to eliminating religious persecution and human oppression. Under advisement from their assigned academic counselors, students will create a specific study plan that consists of 24 credit hours of course work. Students are also required to participate in supervised research projects focused on international human rights and comparative law. Designed to be completed in one academic year, the tuition and fees for this LL.M begin at $55,000. All accepted students are considered for scholarships, fellowships, stipends, and other forms of financial aid.

Additional Human Rights Law Masters Programs

While the tuition costs for an LL.M in Human Rights from the following colleges are pricey, these universities have developed reputations for excellence and renowned faculties. Students inclined to broaden their university options or who plan to apply for scholarships or federal aid should investigate the LL.M Human Rights programs established by these colleges.

University of Connecticut: LL.M in Human Rights and Social Justice

The UConn School of Law provides lawyers and students with J.D. degrees the opportunity to pursue an LL.M in Human Rights and Social Justice. This program is built around the views and practices of UConn’s Human Rights Institute. Core classes prepare students to practice social justice lawyering on a domestic and international level.

Fordham University: LL.M in International Law and Justice

Fordham University’s LL.M program in International Law and Justice is designed for lawyers and students who want to gain a degree that focuses on human rights protection on international and domestic levels. Accepted students are required to complete a minimum of 24 credits of approved courses. The LL.M program is sponsored by Fordham’s Leitner Center for International Law and Justice. Students who show a financial need are considered for scholarships and stipends funded by the Vivian Leitner Global South LL.M Scholars Program.

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