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5 Top BA Programs in Conflict Resolution and Management

Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies – Depaul University in Chicago

Depaul University in Chicago, Illinois, United States, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies. All students in the program take classes on International Conflict and Peacebuilding; Social Justice and Social Change; Conflict: Intervention, Negotiation and Advocacy; Human Rights: Promise and Problematics; Women, War, and Resistance; Nonviolence; Peacebuilding; Social Justice; Social change, Conflict intervention and activism and advocacy. Students have the opportunity to study abroad or participate in an internship as a part of the program. For admissions consideration, students must submit an official transcript and satisfactory SAT or ACT standardized test scores.

Peace and Justice Studies – Pace University in New York City

Pace University in New York City, United States, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Peace and Justice Studies. All students take core courses in Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies, Nonviolence: Theory and Practice, Working Through Conflict: Mediation, Negotiation and Facilitation, Advanced Peace and Justice Studies, International Law and Human Rights, Conflict Analysis and Reconciliation and Transitional Justice. Electives offered in a number of different disciplines round out the course options. To be considered for the program, students must submit two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, ACT or SAT test scores and an official college transcript.

Dispute Resolution – Charles Sturt University in Sydney

Charles Sturt University in Sydney, Australia, offers a graduate certificate in Dispute Resolution. The program is offered entirely online and typically requires one year of part time study to complete. Students in the program complete coursework in Theories of Conflict Resolution, Skills of Conflict Resolution, Dispute Resolution: Methods and Results and Mediation: Processes and Uses. In order to be considered for the program, students must already have a bachelor’s degree or previous work experience related to dispute resolution. This program can be taken on its own but also qualifies students for admission to the university’s Master of Dispute Resolution program.

International Security and Conflict Resolution – San Diego State University in San Diego

San Diego State University in San Diego, California, United States, offers a bachelor’s degree program in International Security and Conflict Resolution. All students in the program complete the following courses: Conflict and Conflict Resolution, International Security in the Nuclear Age, Global Systems and Our Global Future: Values for Survival. Electives are also required, and all students complete an internship as a part of the program. Independent study and study abroad opportunities are also available. Highly competitive, the program requires an exemplary secondary school academic record to be accepted for admission. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 Grade Point Average and submit satisfactory SAT or ACT test scores.

Applied Conflict Management – Kent State University

Kent State University, Ohio, United States, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Applied Conflict Management. All students in the program must pursue study of a foreign language and take the following classes: Conflict Theory; Introduction to Conflict Management; International Conflict Resolution; Gender, Power and Conflict; Mediation: Theory and Training; Nonviolence: Theory and Practice and Reconciliation Versus Revenge: Transitional Justice. Admission to the program is very competitive. Only students with exemplary secondary school grade point averages and acceptable ACT or SAT test scores will be considered. Previous volunteer or work experience is also taken into consideration.

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