CARE USA Internships and Fellowships

The CARE USA Internships and Fellowships program welcomes students who show interest in making a positive change in the world. This internship program aims to give project-driven, closely monitored practical experience to graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in giving their time and efforts to CARE initiatives and projects. By participating in this fellowship, important networking opportunities will also be given by participating in training and orientations which include CARE’s vision, history and in-depth information given by individuals that work within the organization. Interns will be placed either in US field offices or at the CARE USA Headquarters in Atlanta.

In order to qualify for a CARE internship, you must be at least 18 years of age; must hold a visa and obtain appropriate authorization from their educational institutions; and be enrolled in a relevant undergraduate, post-graduate or graduate program or have graduated in the four months leading up to the posting date. Students must also have financial support stemming from their academic institution or another agency; must be legally allowed to work under the laws of the location in which the fellowship is found; must obtain and apply for their own visa; and must have comprehensive medical insurance such as emergency evacuation insurance and provide proof of such. They must also have proficiency in the desired language; must have two years minimum professional experience in a field related to the fellowship; must have time management and interpersonal skills; must have analytical and organizational skills; must have intercultural communication skills; must be proficient in a second language such as Portuguese, Spanish or French; must be open minded and able to effectively work in a multicultural diverse environment; and must be able to be flexible while working in a team-oriented environment.

This Visiting Fellows Program gives students skills of global development, global health and other such fields along with invaluable opportunities to get international experience in their working fields. This program will aim to help with the development of future leaders who possess high potential in the field of humanitarian assistance and international development by giving practical and short-term learning experiences.

Alongside the networking opportunities that will be available, fellows will also be given the chance to participate in a number of professional development trainings that are offered by the CARE online university called CARE Academy. This program will focus on how to give the best, most optimized skill learning and development courses. The fellowship program has a leadership formula that focuses on three different strategies: on the job training, formal training and coaching.

In order for a candidate to apply, they can do so online by searching the fellowship and internship openings on the CARE site. New postings will usually be posted between the months of March and May every year. These applications need to include a current CV or resume with your name, your contact information and a minimum of three references. A cover letter must also be included that shows the applications research interests.

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