5 Top Masters in Indigenous Studies

4 Top Tuition FREE Masters Programmes in Sustainable Development

Indigenous Studies, M.phil. UIT the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, Norway, offers a Master of Philosophy degree program in Indigenous Studies. The first half of the two-year program involves completing the following courses: History of Indigenous Peoples: Colonisation and ...

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5 Human Rights Law Masters Programs With Low Tuition Fees

If you are passionate about advocating for the rights of others, you should consider obtaining a Master of Laws Human Rights degree. This degree is an excellent option for professional attorneys or undergraduate students with law degrees seeking to gain ...

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8 Key focus areas for your International Development Studies

Within the field of international development, there are several focus areas that development professionals can choose to work in. Many of the areas overlap each other, and all of them come together to create comprehensive, sustainable development. However, specific knowledge ...

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5 Tuition-Free Bachelor’s Programs in Development Studies

BA in Gender and Diversity – Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences This Bachelor’s program provides a multi-disciplinary approach to issues of gender and diversity. Students will focus on theory and learn skills such as analysis and research. Throughout courses, students ...

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10 Tuition Free Master’s Degree Programs in International Development

MSc. in International Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences The Master of Science in International Development Studies program at Norwegian University of Life Science will provide students with an understanding of global, social, political, and economic change. It helps ...

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