CV and Resume Job Success

If you want to land a job fast, then you need a high quality resume and strong personal branding that will demonstrate to employers why you deserve an interview. You only have seconds to make a first impression before your resume ends up on the reject pile.

With this course you will learn what you need to do to make your resume and LI profile stand out from the crowd and impress recruiters. You need to show them your unique selling point; what you bring to the table if they hire you. Fail to do this and you will quickly be looked over.

Who is the target audience?

  • Job Seekers who are fed up with rejection after rejection and want to understand why their CV is not landing them job interviews
  • Anyone who wants to boost their career prospects with a strong and professional resume or CV
  • Career Professionals who have a CV already but want tips to improve the quality
  • People who have no CV at all and want to create one from scratch
  • Individuals that like a blended approach that combines practical theory with visual examples of different CVs
  • Anyone who wants to improve their online branding and build credibility in their career sector
  • People looking to revamp their Linkedin profile and get noticed by recruiters

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