Frank Jennings Internship (Dublin and Geneva)

Frank Jennings Internship (Dublin and Geneva)

Named for Frank Jennings, the Front Line Defender’s former Head of Research, the Frank Jennings Internship is designed to give talented and dedicated people a chance to get working experience for protecting human rights defenders at both the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and an international NGO. The selected intern will spend three months at the Front Line Defenders where they will get training that is relative to the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders; Human Rights Defenders; the Mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur; the methodology and procedures of the mandate; and the role of Front Line Defenders as well as some other international and national organizations that both protect and support the Human Rights Defenders. This intern will live in Geneva for six months and then return for another three months to the Front Line Defenders.

The chosen intern will have good analytical and drafting skills and will have some basic knowledge of the United Nation’s system, human rights law and international law. They must have the ability to work both in English and in Spanish and be able to self-motivate as well as working as a team member. They must have good written and oral communication skills and be literate with a computer.

This intern will be giving support to Front Line Defenders’ Protection Coordinators along with handling routine questions. They will also be drafting urgent appeals for human rights defenders that are at risk around the globe and put in information that is related to the database of the Front Line Defenders. Supporting follow-up cases by the Front Line Defenders and other projects that relate to Human Rights Defenders will be done on request, and clerical duties such as drafting minutes, briefings, reports, appeals and doing faxes, word processing, data entry, email and more will be required.

In Geneva, these interns will gain information on the human rights defenders across the globe and coordinate with geographic desk officers to draft urgent appeals to governments in concern to human rights violations; they will also analyze responses from these governments and give summaries for the HRC report; and drafting annual reports to the Human Rights Council and General Assembly will be required along with other tasks.

Upon being accepted for the Frank Jennings Internship, the intern will be given €1,200 while living in Dublin each month and €1,400 every month while living in Geneva.

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