Free online course: How to Apply to College

How to Apply to College is an online course offered by the University of Pennsylvania. The class is intended for high school students and adults who are interested in attending college but do not have access to counselors to help them with the application process. By the end of the course, students will be ready to make the right impression on a college application and highlight their achievements that would make them desirable to colleges.

Taught entirely online through videos and readings, How to Apply to College lasts for 6 weeks. The course requires a time commitment of 2 to 3 hours per week for success. During the first unit, Starting the Journey to College, students receive an introduction to the types of 2 and 4 years colleges that are located in the United States and an overview of what the application process is like.

In Week 2, Self-Assessment and Telling Your Story, students learn a method for assessing their strengths, so that they know what to focus on when completing applications and admissions essays. Week 3 teaches students about the types of financial aid available and how to apply for aid. The focus of Week 4 is comparing colleges themselves. Students learn what to consider when they are looking at colleges on paper and visiting campuses. During Week 5, students have the opportunity to complete practice applications and get tips on how to ask for letters of recommendation. The class concludes with information on how to prepare for the transition to becoming a college student.

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