Free online course: Identity, Conflict and Public Space

Explore how people use public spaces around the world to protest and express their identity, with this free online course.

Identity, Conflict and Public Space is a course that is currently being offered for those interested in understanding how to use public spaces around the world for protest and self-expression. This course is designed to introduce students to the key concepts that surround the use of public space in order to express identity. It will begin by looking at the importance of identity, the nature of social groups and public spaces in political areas around the world. It will then look at why understanding the importance of public space is crucial by looking at parades, symbols and memorials. It will also explore well-documented examples of these spaces in locations such as Northern Ireland. Students will be asked to create their own illustrative definition of a public event that one is interested in and share it with other people. The role of public policy and human rights will also be explored in this course that lasts for six weeks at a time.

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