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How to apply to US Universities

Applying to U.S. Universities is an online course offered by the University of Pennsylvania. It is geared toward international students and non-native English speaking American students that want to attend undergraduate or graduate programs in the United States. The course is taught entirely in English through videos and supplemental readings. Spanish subtitles are included on the videos.

Open to students of all levels, Applying to U.S. Universities requires 14 hours of study time to complete. The course is broken into five modules, and it is recommended that students complete one module per week. Each module concludes with a quiz. Students must pass every quiz to receive a passing grade in the course.

During Week 1, students receive an overview of the college admissions process in the United States and learn the basics steps that they will need to complete to apply. The second unit focuses on self-assessment and allows students to begin to focus on the strengths that they should call attention to on college admissions applications. In addition, students are encouraged to explore their weaknesses.

The third week of the course, Research and Planning, helps students narrow down the options and select which colleges to apply to. Then, in week four, students learn about the pieces of an application, including the actual application, letters of recommendation, essays and college entrance exams. At the end of the class, students receive tips on how to perform well during college interviews and receive guidance from admissions officers from top U.S. universities.

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