International Cyber Conflicts

International Cyber Conflicts (Free online course)

The International Cyber Conflicts is a course that is currently being given by the well-known State University of New York. This online course will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge that is needed for both the management and analysis of cyber events such as cybercrime and cyberwarfare that occur on international grounds. By the end of this detailed course, you will be able to deeply and thoroughly understand the unique characteristics of different cyber conflicts and threats; you will understand all of the efforts that the many international bodies are implementing in order to improve upon general cyber security; and you will also learn the different psychological factors that go into play in terms of cyber compromising. This unique course is made to appeal to an international student body and will encourage the discussion of current events in order to drive the information home. It will do so by using a number of cultural and personal perspectives to bring the theories into real-world examples.

After you have successfully completed the Cyber Conflicts course, all of the students that are involved will be able to: understand the different sorts of individuals, nation-states, organizations and other prominent actors that are involved in threats to cyber security; distinguish between different types of threats and issues in cyber security including but limited to data theft, political espionage, critical infrastructure protection, and propaganda and more; be able to understand thoroughly and detail the fundamental characteristics that apply to the infrastructure of the Internet, along with understanding the efforts of international bodies to address the governance of the internet; be able to list the many ways that international bodies arnd espionage; analyze how several of the different principles that oversee international conflicts can be applied when it comes to the issue of cyber security; and be able to successfully apply the different theories of psychology involving human cooperation, communication, motivation and others while looking at and analyzing international political theories that are related to cyber crimes. This will include a number of theories such as media operations, censorship, and the importance of social technologies.

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