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Cybersecurity Fundamentals is a set of courses are that are currently being offered by the University of Maryland. This course set covers the important aspects that support the construction of a secure system in terms of cybersecurity. It talks about everything from the software to the hardware and from the human computer interface to secure interactions and cryptography. These concepts are shown with examples that are taken from different practices in the modern world. They are enhanced with hands-on exercises that involve relevant techniques and tools. Those who are successful in this course will get a new way of thinking about a security-oriented computer system. They will also learn how to think about different adversaries as well as how to build systems that are able to defend against any sort of cyber attack.

This Cybersecurity Fundamentals course specialization lasts for five different course durations. This course will include projects to help students learn how to practice and apply the learned skills in this course. The certificates awarded will look great on your resume. The courses that are offered in this five course group include the following.

The Usable Security course lasts for approximately seven weeks. It requires five to eight hours of study every week and is taught in English. This course puts focus on how to design and create a secure system that is focused on human interaction. It will explore the fundamentals of human computer interaction while applying the items learned to the design of security systems. The end goal is to create a security measure in regards to human performance.

The second course is called Software Security. It lasts for six weeks and takes three to five hours a week to complete. It is taught in English and Korean. This course looks at the foundation of cybersecurity. Important software attacks and vulnerabilities will be covered, including topics like hijacking and injection.

Cryptography will be explored in the third course. It lasts for seven weeks and is taught in English. This course requires four to seven hours of study every week. It will introduce students to the foundations of cryptography in modern settings while keeping focus on practical applications.

The fourth week is called Hardware Security. This course is in English only. The course will teach about security from the perspective of hardware. Students will be able to understand the different vulnerabilities that are present in current systems. They will be able to learn how security stems from hardware design.

The fifth and final course is Cybersecurity Capstone Project. This project is a course that explores a long list of experiences had in the world of cybersecurity. This list will allow students to construct their own software. Once this software has been constructed, students will be able to secure the software. Then, students will look at one another’s projects and find ways that it is not as secure as they once thought to help programmers grow and learn from experience.

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