Paid UN Internship - World Food Progamme

Paid UN Internship – World Food Progamme

The World Food Program is currently looking for motivated, talented and highly enthusiastic students from all across the globe to intern with them. The internship with the World Food Program is an excellent chance to get practical work experience while also helping to contribute to the goal of hitting Zero Hunger. Those who are currently enrolled in University or an equivalent or have graduated in the last year are eligible to apply. Candidates must also have a minimum of at least two years of undergraduate studies. Being motivated, open to new adventures and challenges and a team player are desired, and working knowledge of English is a requirement. Having knowledge of other United Nations languages is desired. Once an applicant has been selected for a World Food Program internship, you must be prepared to send in a recent record from your University.

Internships for the World Food Program will often last for two to six months, and a stipend for your internship will be given at a maximum amount of US$700 a month. Before you begin your internship, proof of medical insurance will be required. You will also need to organize and pay for your accommodations and travel expenses on your own, alongside your visa.

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