Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for Development

Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for Development

The Rotary Foundation Global Grants are able to be used to fund those graduate level coursework or research scholarships that have high impact and sustainable outcomes. They can be used in one of the six areas of focus for Rotary, which include peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease treatment and prevention, sanitation and water, child and maternal health, economic and community development, and basic education and literacy.

This scholarship, offered by the Rotary Foundation, can be used at any approved University that is located inside of a country that hosts a Rotary district or club. This country must be outside of the applicant’s country of origin. Graduate level coursework and research will be funded and used for one of the six previously mentioned areas of focus. This scholarship is targeted toward non-Rotarians who are sponsored by a Rotary club or district.

This highly sought-after scholarship offers a minimum budget that can be used for a global grant. The minimum budget that is provided is $30,000, which is able to fund a number of important things relative to a student’s schooling. These include passports and visas, travel expenses that will be specified in the grant’s conditions and terms, tuition, inoculations, school supplies, room and board, language training courses, except when a university admission relies on the improvement of a language skill, and household supplies. Most expenses that are deemed miscellaneous or personal will not be covered by the scholarship. To apply for the scholarship, simply refer to the website for the Rotary district that you want to apply for.

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