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Preparing for Graduate Study in the U.S: A course for international students is an online course offered by the University of Michigan. The class is intended for international students who have plans to travel to the United States to enroll in a master’s, Ph.D. or professional degree graduate program. The class is taught in English, so fluency in the language is required.

To be successful in Preparing for Graduate Study in the U.S.: A course for international students, students should plan to spend 2 to 3 hours per week on the course materials. The class lasts for five weeks and is broken into modules that consist of a series of videos and supplemental readings. The class begins with Getting Acquainted, which gives students a chance to get to know one another. This module also provides an introduction to the types of graduate programs offered in the United States.

During Week 2, students complete the Introducing Yourself Professionally and will have a chance to develop an Elevator Pitch that summarizes their professional interests and accomplishments. The module also reviews the types of verbs and language that students can use to describe their accomplishments. Week 3 focuses on English for Interactive Learning & Teamwork, covering how to use language to effectively collaborate with other students and faculty.

In Week 4, the course focuses on English for Research & Scholarship and teaches students how to effectively use English verbally in courses and in writing to express ideas. The final week of the class delves into using English in Campus Life.

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