Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills (Free online course)

Negotiation is an important skill used to communicate and ensure the success of a business or NGO. In the workplace, not only can negotiation promote success, it can encourage career advancement and personal work improvement and development, creating more comfortable and social work situations. Strong negotiation skills can create successful business transactions, profitable contracts and better donor relations, which are essential to entities wishing to strive and succeed.

The “Successful Negotiation” course is a MOOC (massive open online course), created by the University of Michigan. It is known worldwide and highly rated among thousands of learners. The course overlooks the four essential goals used to achieve successful negotiation and recognizes the important steps that must be met to complete the course.

These steps teach proper negotiation skills and help the learner master the material, encouraging the learners to develop their negotiating skills in a structured way. Watching short interactive videos that are used to test negotiation strategies and skills, will teach the learner the different types of complex negotiations, while allowing the learner to obtain the information at their own pace by allowing them to pause the video and answer questions while learning the course content.

Testing the learner’s negotiations skills by completing Module 6 will develop skills by allowing the learner to practise negotiating with a local friend or even find a partner from a different part of the world. The last step in the process of the course is for the learner to participate in the final examination.

Course Certificates, containing the University of Michigan credentials, may be earned as a recognition of achievement throughout the course. To complete the course, all the modules must be completed. The course is available in languages such as Spanish and Portuguese as well as English, and subtitles for the videos are available in Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish.

The four key stages of successful negotiation taught in the Successful Negotiation syllabus include: Preparing by planning a negotiation strategy, negotiating by using key tactics for success (includes how to use power during negotiations and psychological tools that can be used during negotiations), closing the agreement by creating a binding contract, and preforming and evaluating your success on the agreement made.

Once completing the steps in the course, a final examination will take place to assess the participants learning and completion of the course. The Mastery exam will take 75 minutes and can be repeated until you are satisfied with your results and feel comfortable with the content.

Overall, the Successful Negotiation course, is a fantastic resource that can be utilised to improve the learner’s skills and strategies in negotiation. The course sums up the important key tools and factors needed to successfully negotiate in both the business world and day to day life.

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