USAID is looking for Interns

Interns in this program will typically work in Washington, D.C., in one of USAIDS offices. They will support programs in fields like education, health, environment, economic growth, democracy, governance, humanitarian assistance and conflict prevention.

Typically, interns will be involved in writing program memoranda, research, document drafting, attending program discussions, communicating about issues with the program and more. Two types of paid internships are available: one allows current students to look at Federal Careers after the internship, while one gives work experience to students in temporary job positions that will not be transforming to a permanent job.

To get either position, the candidate needs to be a United States citizen; must be enrolled in high school, a two or four year college, a university, a technical or vocational school on at least a half-time schedule; must have a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average; must be in good standing with your academic institution; must have an official transcript that contains their grades; and must be eligible to be cleared by security.

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