Courses for Peacekeepers

Recommended courses

Religion, Conflict, and Peace (Harvard University)

The course addresses the issue of conflicts and its connection to religion. It evaluates a plethora of modern conflicts by putting emphasis on the role that religion and religious institutions play in facilitating, defining and mitigating violence and unrest. It also considers the kind of ideologies they propagate in respect to these conflicts. This course that is offered by Harvard University via edX also focuses on the effects that conflicts have on other important parts of human life such as Commerce, Health, Education etc. It also considers the veracity of the media portrayals of the role of religion in these conflicts. The course, which uses several countries as case studies, is open to people from all walks of life. It comes for free online and lasts just eight weeks. Sign up here.

Conditions of War and Peace (University of Tokyo)

Conditions of War and Peace is a course by The University of Tokyo via Coursera. It focuses on the important issues bothering on peace and security. It takes a historical perspective by cutting through all the notable wars of mankind to make an informed analysis of the pressing matters in the present research on peace and war. Lastly, the course raises questions about causes of war, war and power transition, democracy and war, as well as the necessity and conditions for peace. Offered in the English language, the course comes for free and spans about 6 hours every week. Sign up here.

Global Health, Conflict and Violence

This is a course that discusses the role that medics and other health professionals play in the promotion of peace and prevention of conflicts. This free online course that lasts three weeks also teaches you the various manifestations of medical peace work against the backdrop of war and conflict. In addition, it examines different war realities and their effects on global. It is primarily targeted towards global health workers, undergraduate and postgraduate students in healthcare fields as well as studies in world health and development. Global Health, Conflict and Violence is offered in the English language and it has a paid certificate available upon completion. The course is provided by the University of Bergen via FutureLearn. Sign up here.

Resilience in Children Exposed to Trauma, Disaster, and War: Global Perspectives

This is a course that addresses critical issues about the effects of trauma on children. It looks thoroughly into the systems the little ones depend on and exposes you to the research methods, core concepts and lessons derived in the last half-decade of rigorous research into the plight of the young ones. Through this course, you also learn how these research methodologies apply in the real world by having discourse with people who are working with vulnerable children all around the world. Provided by the University of Minnesota via Coursera, the course lets you understand how adversities like trauma, disasters, wars and many more determine the fate of children in all facets of life. It is offered in the English language, lasting 6 weeks. Although the course is free, you can get a certificate for just $49. Sign up here.

Democratic Development

Democratic Development is a course that evaluates the sociopolitical, economic, cultural, institutional and international determinants that define and shape various manifestations of democracy. Primarily targeted at college students, the claws of this course extend across individuals from all walks of life including educators, development professionals, and government officials. It can also be beneficial to civil society leaders, activists, journalists and many more people in fields related to the consolidation of democratic practices that utilize historical, analytical and comparative tools. It is a free online course provided by Stanford University via Coursera and it has a comprehensive syllabus that spans 11 weeks. Sign up here.